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Bitters Lab Charred Cedar and Currant Bitter


  • Featuring Salt Lake City’s own Bitters Lab
  • One of our favorite bitters, Charred Cedar and Currant, makes for a deeply rich cocktail for these colder months.

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We were lucky enough to feature our good friends over at Bitters Lab right here in Salt Lake City. As the seasons change, and things get a little colder, we knew we wanted a bitter that paired well with robust drinks. Enter…the Charred Cedar and Currant bitter. A potent woody flavor, reminiscent of barrel-aged whiskey but with a subtly sweet and tart undertone of dark, black currants. Take a look at our Manhattan recipe over on the blog.

Made from: alcohol (bourbon whiskey & neutral grain spirit), filtered water, charred cedar wood, black currants, herbs, and spices.


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