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Top 5 Gifts for a Better Home Bar

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper cocktail at a bar. But, we’ve gotten good at making our own, so we’ve decided to proclaim 2020 the year of the home bar. And it’s not just us, everyone seems to have improved their home liquor collections, as well as their personal cocktail creativity. 


With that in mind, we’re sharing some our top 5 home bar holiday gift picks. Whether you’re buying for someone just building their home bar, or for someone with a well established collection, we feel like the list below has something for even the most discerning home mixologist.

1. A Better Shaker – If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, it’s time. If you don't have a stainless steel shaker, then it's time for an upgrade.The top rated shaker of 2020 is the Oxo 24oz shaker which you can buy here. What makes it so great? It’s construction makes for a tight seal when shaking, but still lets you easily pull it apart once you need to pour your drink.

2. Knowledge – Grab the recently published, The Cocktail Codex. One of the newer books on the market, it was written by the same folks who brought you Death & Co. It is sure to become an instant classic and provides great advice for understanding and altering both classic and modern cocktails.

3. Better Ice – Consider a large ice cube tray like this one. For many classic cocktails that require ice in the glass, a large cube will melt slower, allowing a bit more time to enjoy your recently created concoction.

4. A Diversity of Glassware – This set of 22 styles from Food 52 should get any home bar started, or upgrade even the most well stocked cart. It has 12 bodega classes, 6 stackable wine glasses, and 4 coupes – preparing you for pre-dinner, post-dinner, and dinner time drinks with a single purchase.

5. A great peeler – Kuhn Rikon makes a great metal peeler. It is stainless steel, meaning it will last longer than your traditional plastic option, plus the orientation makes it simpler to peel citrus used for garnish.

(BONUS) An Easy-to-Clean Juicer – The Chef’n juicer is a great option for both limes and lemons, and the paddle design helps get the most out of the fruit. Plus, it opens wide making it easy to rinse after use.

And the best way to make the most out of your newly upgraded bar? Sign up for a subscription. With new bitter flavors and cocktail inspiration each month, you’ll have an all new home bar adventure.


Are you buying any of the above items for yourself or as a gift? Let us know if you do and how they perform for you.